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Leadership Philosophy


In the current environment, where uncertainty and elevated complexity have become the norm, the need for strong leadership is more critical than ever. Those who have cultivated the ability to adapt to evolving circumstances, often beyond their control, while leveraging proven leadership practices, will be in the best position to positively impact their organizations.

The skills required to excel as an individual contributor are vastly different than the skills leveraged to lead a team and different still from those needed to inspire an organization. At a senior leader level, personal strengths, misapplied, and possibly unchecked, can result in limiting one’s ability to lead and grow — and can negatively impact business performance. Becoming a strong leader (and maintaining leadership skills) requires awareness, reflection, focus, and dedicated practice. On top of individual applications, when leadership principles are applied and integrated within a team environment, positive outcomes can have an exponential impact.


Meet Judy


Judy King is the founder and owner of Crown Consulting and Coaching. Judy draws on more than 20 years of multi-disciplinary experience in large organizations (American Express, McKinsey & Company, Goldman Sachs), entrepreneurial endeavors, consulting engagements, an MBA, and professional leadership and coaching education (Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership). Judy offers a unique combination of senior-level business experience and an evolved perspective on the pathway to cultivating strong leadership and professional development.


“Judy’s breadth of experience enables her to view situations through a leader’s lens — particularly helpful in getting to the core of the underlying assumptions and implications.” – Client, Senior Leader, Finance

Judy is Leadership Circle and ACC certified through the International Coach Federation. She is a practitioner in Growth Edge interviewing/exploration (rooted in adult development theory), an accomplished business writer, and is qualified to administer and interpret a variety of assessments. Embracing a growth mindset, she “walks the talk” that learning and development are an ongoing practice. It was during her tenure in corporate roles that she discovered her true passion and talent for helping people develop and maximize their leadership potential.





We support organizations by delivering customized solutions to meet leadership development objectives. We work with leaders who are focused on developing their leadership capacity, maybe hindered with residual leadership challenges, those at pivotal developmental points, and those who are looking to guide an organization through transformation. We offer the space, insights, practices, and reflective opportunities to grow. We also create customized programs in support of team leadership objectives and specialized workshops focused on leadership stages and affiliations.

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Client Feedback

“Executive coaching with Judy was a gift and a pleasure. Our weekly conversations were candid, genuine, safe, and constructive. Judy’s curiosity, pragmatism, and guidance helped me to navigate a role transition from both a personal and professional perspective. I was able to reflect on my own capabilities and behaviors and develop additional clarity in working towards my professional goals (a continuous journey)”.


VP, Global Facilitation and Client Impact, Women’s Leadership Organization


“Working with Judy made me really think about all of my interactions and the effects that these conversations have with my colleagues. I am definitely more cognizant of how other people may interpret my actions.”

CFO, Hedge Fund

“Judy brought an incredibly valuable set of strategic skills to the table when my team and I relied on her to determine and develop a clear path forward in our multi-year leadership development strategy. She displayed critical thinking, smart questioning, and active listening; comfort with discourse; big-picture thinking without losing sight of how to turn into practical action, and has a strong ability to accurately and efficiently diagnose the root cause of a problem. Her insights were invaluable!” 

Head, Leadership and Talent Management, Educational Institution